Nooku is an extension and a framework for Joomla!. Nooku is open source, released under the GPL license. The Nooku architecture integrates seamlessly into Joomla's framework, providing developers with a simple yet powerful API to leverage for building future-proof Web 2.0 extensions for Joomla!

The Nooku Developer Portal is a one stop shop for content and resources specific to developing with Nooku. Whether you are looking for code samples, technical overviews, documentation, activity updates or any other information you may need on Nooku development the developer portal is here to help.

The information on this site is not for everyone. If you are looking for information about Nooku then you should consult our main site at But if you are interested in developing extensions using Nooku this site will be an essential resource throughout your development process

Nooku Spaces

To increase collaboration and transparency we have divided the Nooku codebase in 5 different spaces :

Nooku Framework

Nooku Framework is a rapid extension development platform for Joomla, written in PHP 5.2. It aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of Joomla extensions, to eliminate repetitive coding, and add power, flexibility and fun.

Nooku Server

Nooku Server is a freely available multi-site and multi-lingual open source web platform. It is based on lightened core of Joomla 1.5, has been slimmed down from legacy code and unnecessary bloat, featuring better caching and a simplified & lightning fast admin backend and comes pre-packaged with the powerful Nooku Framework.

Nooku Components

The Nooku Components space hosts our official components. All components are build on-top of the Nooku Framework and maintained by our core team. At the moment we are working on com_profiles, a user profile component and com_terms, a taxonomy component.

Nooku Examples

The Nooku Examples space hosts our example components, code snippets and other code that helps you understand how to build Nooku extensions. In this space you will find the code of com_harbour which is used in all our tutorials and documentation.

Nooku Tools

The Nooku Tools project hosts script and tools that can help you increase your productivity when developing with Nooku. In this space you will find our Phing and symlinker scripts. In future we will also be adding debugging, logging and code sniffing tools.

Nooku Resources

Discussion Group

The Google group is the place to discuss the framework with fellow developers and present your ideas to the Nooku Team for inclusion in future versions. It's also the place to be kept updates about framework progress. We are counting on you to help make Nooku the best framework out there !

API Documentation

The API reference is updated regulary from the trunk and is a great resource for getting up to speed with the API's of the framework. Also when discussing or documenting API you can link to it in your messages on the google group or on the wiki.

Ohloh Project

Ohloh is a free public directory of open source software and people. It gives information and statistics about projects. If you visit, make sure to rate us and/or leave a review.

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